A Life of Beauty 

2017 is a good time to step in a new and brighter direction for me! 

A quick trip to the local grocer is where I rediscovered a favorite Washington wine and beautiful orange tulips. Naturally I purchased them both and brought them home. While the wine chilled I listened to music and enjoyed the last bit of snow on the ground.

My former Tearoom manager was to pay a visit so I put the fresh flowers in a vase and poured myself a glass of wine before she arrived. I wanted to take in the new year and embrace the beauty of the moment. 

Trish and I shared laughter, pastries, wine and good conversation this afternoon. It was a delight to hear her say this was her year to choose beauty and live a simple and beautiful life. I so agree. Let’s take the time to see a bit of beauty that surrounds us daily and be grateful.



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