Observations of Practice 

My holiday in Italy was an education in living well for the rest of my life! I watched in wonder at the beautiful men and women as they went about their daily routines. Of course I asked the question to several of them and they shared a few secrets that aren’t so secret. Here is a short list of observations and suggestions:

The San Marcos residents walked almost everywhere and everyday…I lost several inches by applying this routine daily!

Many told me they surround themselves with books and good people who inspire, encourage or influence their growth. Sometimes that means leaving people who don’t contribute to you happiness factor alone! 

They practice mindfulness and breathe in the beauty of life by appreciating the gift of nature.

The choice to eat simple and beautiful meals was the most revealing for me. Years ago it was said that “you are what you eat”, I found that to be true as well as what you think, say and do. We become what we practice and my new life practice now includes the elegant and beautiful habits of the people of San Marcos. Wishing you the best of your 2016!

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