An Afternoon Tea

The month of February is when Cupid usually shows up with flowers, chocolates and special gifts. This Valentines Day plan and prepare an Afternoon Tea to remember! Start with the three S’s…scones, sandwiches and sweets.

Remember any dietary concerns your friends may have and to keep it simple. 

The Art of tea Events held in the privacy of your home provides you with fun modern ideas for this timeless celebration! Contact us for more infoūüíē

Happy Sweetness Day!


Shortbread & Tea

A favorite and simple recipe of my Granny’s is the classic white chocolate shortbread. She indulged with coffee while I always pair with a cup of tea.

Flour, confectioners sugar, butter and a hint of vanilla mixed well makes a tasty treat. Add your favorites ( pecans, peanuts, chocolate or raspberry to Mae a few) and delight your tastebuds! 

Enjoy to the fullest! 



Beauty Beginnings 

I always look for opportunity to seek beauty and create dreamlike settings in my home. Through the winter I can only look at beautiful garden books since my own garden is sleeping. A trip to Costco or a flower vender satisfies my desire for fresh flowers in my home.

My cat Mr. Pickle usually investigates the flowers after they have shared their beauty and fragrance. I squeeze out as much value as possible by sometime drying the flowers, making flower sachets or pressing them in books. 

This past week I opened a gift I received and chilled a bottle of champagne to celebrate a beautiful new year! I’m certain this pink bell will get pressed often. Home, should be our place of magic and calm. I certainly encourage you to continue to bring beauty into your life this year ūüíě

A Life of Beauty 

2017 is a good time to step in a new and brighter direction for me! 

A quick trip to the local grocer is where I rediscovered a favorite Washington wine and beautiful orange tulips. Naturally I purchased them both and brought them home. While the wine chilled I listened to music and enjoyed the last bit of snow on the ground.

My former Tearoom manager was to pay a visit so I put the fresh flowers in a vase and poured myself a glass of wine before she arrived. I wanted to take in the new year and embrace the beauty of the moment. 

Trish and I shared laughter, pastries, wine and good conversation this afternoon. It was a delight to hear her say this was her year to choose beauty and live a simple and beautiful life. I so agree. Let’s take the time to see a bit of beauty that surrounds us daily and be grateful.



Table Manners

The quote above is attributed to Charles Dickens and I totally agree! For our Thanksgiving dinner I choose a simple menu and included a bottle of Taittinger Champagne as our beverage of choice. 

After I put the ingredients for the crab boil in the pot, I set the table and munched on an oyster or two. The question of table manners came up when my daughter ask where the claw cutters were to crack the crab.

I explained that messy foods can be eaten with fingers at home or on the run, however they are eaten with fork and knife if part of a more formal meal. Since we were enjoying a family meal together I assured her she was safe and could navigate the soft crab. A few oysters later and two glasses of bubbly and the dinner was ready!

Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal with a few fingers, utensils, napkins on their laps and smile. I hope your Thanksgiving was as warm and wonderful as mine!

Always wear Joy!


Timeless Thankfulness 

Autumn is the time for me to adjust, rest and be thankful.  I take my cue from nature, as I watch my garden fade slowly into a rusty brown beautiful yet holding on to its essence. A cup of tea warms me as I read cards from loved ones who declare their thoughts of missing me. These precious messages warm my heart. 

Wishing I too, could be with my sisters, grandchildren and mother are gentle wish that will soon come to fruition. Until then I will be thankful for the memories that will never fade. As I take the time to saddle up the horse and engage in a moment of happiness it is a reminder to be grateful always. 

Life is full of color even when it appears faded and asleep. It’s just resting until the miracle of magic awakens our senses and then we shall see clearly again. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours! 

Live in joy!


The Teacher-Artist

My husband treated me to a date of beauty and art by taking me to the Carl Van Vechten Gallery located on the campus of Fisk University. Upon arrival I was taken in by the lovely Lady Crestwell who graciously volunteers and serves the gallery well. Her family legacy in Nashville and Fisk alone are most interesting.

As an artist I love the colors of life and have my memories with Jacob Lawrence and his wife Gwen Knight in Seattle. I was fortunate to spend quality time with them and was commissioned by Tacoma Art Museum for Gwen’s Exhibition.

On October 21 & 22 Fisk University  will present a Fall Humanities Workshop The Artist-Teacher : Celebrating James Weldon Johnson

I find it interesting that Carl Van Vechten wrote the forward for Mr. Johnson’s book – The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man first published anonymously in 1912. 

His book God’s Trombone is a stellar work of poetic beauty with drawing by Aaron Douglas and lettering by C. B. Falls

The Assistant Curator of Fisk University Galleries Nikoo Paydar is excited about the upcoming community events and eager to share so please email or call 614.329.8544 for more info or to become Friends of Fisk Galleries! Let’s continue to share the wealth of this beautiful American Life!

ALways Wear Joy!


Welcome Your Guest

When I receive a guest in my home I always seek to make it as comfortable as possible. The opportunity to share my space with a friend or loved one is something I look forward to! Here I share a snippet of what I offer.

A short welcome note that explains a bit about our home and neighborhood and of course a selection of tea and coffee.

Always aware of dietary concerns, I try to provide seasonal fruit or favorite snacks.

Like the iconic Prince Matchabelli, I keep it simple, timeless and classic. Thereby allowing my guest the privilage of being served with grace and honor. What special Guest  secrets do you have or enjoy? 

Live Joyful and Light!


On The Bourbon Trail

Lexington Kentucky was the place to be if you were looking for an educated good time! Classic cocktails are the new timeless adult beverage of choice say the trendsetters. For me the Kentucky distilleries and the history they carry are proof enough that 95 percent of America’s  only native spirit is indeed timeless. 

The shared beauty of each distillery visit was evident in the faces of everyone on the tours. I learned a great deal more than I expected and tasted a bit more!

I have my own history with bourbon stories from my granny who enjoyed Wild Turkey a little more than she really should have, as she would say! As a Bourbon Stewart, today I share stories and the history of bourbon through my Bourbon Woman Tastings. 

Hopefully the fun and excitement of our American Native Spirit will continue to delight many bourbon enthusiast through the new bourbon infused snacks, chocolates and international cuisines that are on the rise. Until then, Bourbon Up!

Live in Joy Always!

xoxo ~Sepia