Beauty Beginnings 

I always look for opportunity to seek beauty and create dreamlike settings in my home. Through the winter I can only look at beautiful garden books since my own garden is sleeping. A trip to Costco or a flower vender satisfies my desire for fresh flowers in my home.

My cat Mr. Pickle usually investigates the flowers after they have shared their beauty and fragrance. I squeeze out as much value as possible by sometime drying the flowers, making flower sachets or pressing them in books. 

This past week I opened a gift I received and chilled a bottle of champagne to celebrate a beautiful new year! I’m certain this pink bell will get pressed often. Home, should be our place of magic and calm. I certainly encourage you to continue to bring beauty into your life this year 💞

2 thoughts on “Beauty Beginnings 

  1. Chocolate Aristocratic

    Reading your article today reminded me, how every day is important and we should treat ourselves special. Not waiting on someone else to remind us of how special we are. We deserve to treat ourselves well and be surrounded by beauty. I must admit I was reminded by a very dear sister friend of mine. It had been a while since we were able to spend time together, we live in different states. This year the holidays brought us together. When you are connected with real people, who want nothing but to enjoy your company, is a beautiful thing. As we sipped champagne and celebrated each other. This person reminded me to slow down and remember to enjoy life one day at a time. My home is that sacred place where I honor myself and the people I love. I do love fresh flowers as well, but even more when I am relaxing and reflecting on how good my life is, even when it is not where I want it to be. I will light some scented candles and picture the life I am living and or the life I want to live. I raise my glass, eat some chocolates and smile. Just because life is a beautiful thing. This year I am promising myself to be surrounded with beauty even more.

    Thank you for being you.

    1. Tirzah I am so excited for the possibilities of this new year! It was so good sipping, laughing and sharing with you in Seattle. I was looking at the Urban Family Conference pamphlet we did in 2006 and I must say we are in need of that energy now. Let’s talk soon and make fun and beautiful things happen together! 💞🌺

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