Social Graces Course

Our Social Graces Course is offered in our Private Georgian Tearoom on Saturday.

This 4-Week Course offers:

• One-to-One Instruction

• First Impressions and Introductions

• Prepare for Conversation

• Sitting, standing and walking with Elegance

• Body Language, Mannerisms and Facial Expression awareness

• Poise and Posture ( Deportment )

• Appearance ( Image )

• Codes of Dress

• Cultural Sensitivity

• Social Media Presence

• Creating win-win situations

Class registration begins in January. Please email for more info.

Farm Dinner Etiquette

Farm Dinner Attire –

• Comfortable clothing and weather appropriate

• Keep in mind the grassy fields, gravel and paths when deciding your shoe choice

Farm dinners are magical outdoor gatherings that I’ve enjoyed since 1989. The communal dinner table is usually set family style and fresh seasonal ingredients are served.

Farm Dinner Manners –

• Share your dietary restrictions with the host beforehand

• During the reception be mindful of others as you enjoy the appetizers and beverages

• Be willing to try new wine and food pairings

• slow down when eating and be respectful of others

• Be on your best farm behavior (manners)

• Eat and socialize with the guest and remember to focus on the magical moment

Patterns For Life

Fall season is well on its way according to the weather pattern. Are you ready to learn and practice new patterns to enhance your Social Graces skills?

Old World Manners in Modern Times:

Private Instruction includes:

• Conversation Etiquette

• Elegant Social Skills

• Poise and Posture

• Dining Tutorial

• Afternoon Tea

• Timeless Elegance

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation!


As the leaves turn colors I am reminded of the passage of time. It seems like yesterday I opened a Victorian Tearoom in Seattle. This is the season if you love all things good and beautiful to be inspired and renewed. 

Stop by for Macaron Mondays at the Belle Meade Plantation Gift Boutique every Monday to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

As I bake strawberry chocolate chip cookies I’m reminded now is a good time to tap into the memories of something warm and wonderful! 



Time For Tea

The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and we yet witness another new season coming. I pulled out my favorite tea canister to make room for my new favorite!

My summer has been well spent with Macarons, Scones and Tea Tours but now I’m preparing to rest and welcome Autumn as she peeks at us. Are you ready for your new season?