Table Manners

The quote above is attributed to Charles Dickens and I totally agree! For our Thanksgiving dinner I choose a simple menu and included a bottle of Taittinger Champagne as our beverage of choice. 

After I put the ingredients for the crab boil in the pot, I set the table and munched on an oyster or two. The question of table manners came up when my daughter ask where the claw cutters were to crack the crab.

I explained that messy foods can be eaten with fingers at home or on the run, however they are eaten with fork and knife if part of a more formal meal. Since we were enjoying a family meal together I assured her she was safe and could navigate the soft crab. A few oysters later and two glasses of bubbly and the dinner was ready!

Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal with a few fingers, utensils, napkins on their laps and smile. I hope your Thanksgiving was as warm and wonderful as mine!

Always wear Joy!


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