Manners Matter

Manners, morals and social skills are not ends in themselves. They can be shallow, superficial, artificial mannerisms and polite absurdities; They must have meaning based on connection with a higher outcome, which is the result of the educational process that prepares one for life.

We offer theory of instruction for teachers and presenters who conduct workshops on manners and etiquette.

The teacher/student relationship should assume the form of a presenter/participator mode, where the instructor provides the stimulation through content and guided learning exercises and the learner responds by becoming an active participant involved in the structure and interactive process of learning by doing and by personally practicing the skills repeatedly until they become natural and habitual through positive re-enforcement.

Creative re-enforcement techniques should be utilized such as:

  • Visualization exercises
  • Role playing
  • Positive imagery
  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Aggression  management
  • Guided learning exercises
  • Values clarification

Miss Sepia’s Guide to Etiquette

Tools and Rules can be printed for your learning pleasure 

Miss Sepia’s Guide to Etiquette

Tools and Rules

Personal Behavioral Habits


     Keep a pleasant tone in your voice

Control your temper and how you handle your emotions

Think before you speak

Use good posture at all times

Sit up straight in your chair

Use good eye contact

Be helpful at home

Respect rules

Respect others’ privacy

Avoid arguments

Use facts to support your point of view


  Raise your voice or sound defensive

Argue with everybody about everything

Generalize or stereotype

Don’t litter

Don’t push

Never whisper in front of people or leave negative comments on social media

Never talk back to your parents or guardians

Look don’t touch

Don’t ruin a friendship over a disagreement

Finishing Touches Tools and Rules Copyright 1987, 1992, 2015 Chocolate Aristocrat

Positive Parenting

Model positive behavior

Help your child

Study with your child

Find new challenges you both of can learn

Read to your child

Listen to your child read

Give your child your undivided attention

Turn off the technology and spend quality time

Do not criticize your child when they read to you

Ask question about your child’s day

Speak clearly and directly

Remain calm while speaking

Realize and acknowledge when you need time out

Avoid arguments

Use a firm tone when speaking

Be consistent especially with Social Media!


Offer rewards for positive actions

Be aware of time spent on video games/TV

Take a walk together

Do a fun project together

Learn a new skill for fun with your child

Practice Being Soft & Gentle

Finishing Touches Tools and Rules Copyright 1987, 1992, 2015 Chocolate Aristocrat

Miss Sepia’s Guide to Etiquette

Star Report

Find your Stars…Not your scars!

Goal for the week__________________________________________________________________________________________

Action I took_____________________________________________________________________________________________
What I enjoyed____________________________________________________________________________________________


Finishing Touches Journal

Finishing Touches Tools and Rules Copyright 1987, 1992, 2015 Chocolate Aristocrat

Miss Sepia’s Guide to Etiquette

Open Face Cucumber Sandwiches

Take amount of bread you desire, remove crust ends

with soft cream cheese spread on bread

slice cucumbers and place 4 slices on each bread

cut in fourths and garnish with basil or light pepper/paprika

serve on pretty platter or individual plate

Tea Sandwiches

Take amount of bread you desire

Prepare sliced bread with cream cheese/ mayo/honey mustard

Place turkey/ham/tuna/etc between slices or

Peanut butter & Jam with raisins

Make sandwich and trim crust ends

Slice in triangle/square pattern or use cookie cutters and place on pretty platter

Raspberry Tea

Boil water, place raspberry tea bag in pot

Serve with cold milk/soy/cream/lemon

May be served hot or iced!

Tea Breads can be purchased at Grocery (simple muffins, sliced)

Use plenty fruit!! Strawberries/grapes, melon, kiwi, oranges, apple w/ caramel

Vanilla yogurt with topped sliced strawberries or bananas

Create a gift with pretty ribbon, personalized with guest name

Allow one or two Tea Hosts to assist in serving tea or replenishing goodies

Conversations should be light, relaxed & fun!

Enjoy as you Practice Charm & Grace

Finishing Touches Tools and Rules Copyright 1987, 1992, 2015 Chocolate Aristocrat



Dear Parents:


At its very core, the education of your child is teamwork, and the partnership we form this year will be a key ingredient to success! The information & insights that you have to offer about your child’s strengths & needs would be most useful to me in planning for a year of healthy growth & development for your child. Please take a moment to complete the form below & return it to me at your earliest convenience. Your input is valuable and will be most appreciated.





Child’s Name ___________________________________________________________


Preferred nickname, if any: _______________________________________________


  1. During this school year, I hope to see my child grow and develop in the following ways:




  1. Some important things that you should know about my child are:




  1. Some useful “ Tricks of the trade “ I’ve found for dealing with my child




  1. My greatest dream for my child is that he/she:_______________________






And my greatest worry that ______________________________________




                 Things my child does well & my child’s hobbies:


Parent Name ____________________________________________________________


Phone_______________________-Email ____________________________________

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