Welcome Your Guest

When I receive a guest in my home I always seek to make it as comfortable as possible. The opportunity to share my space with a friend or loved one is something I look forward to! Here I share a snippet of what I offer.

A short welcome note that explains a bit about our home and neighborhood and of course a selection of tea and coffee.

Always aware of dietary concerns, I try to provide seasonal fruit or favorite snacks.

Like the iconic Prince Matchabelli, I keep it simple, timeless and classic. Thereby allowing my guest the privilage of being served with grace and honor. What special Guest  secrets do you have or enjoy? 

Live Joyful and Light!


On The Bourbon Trail

Lexington Kentucky was the place to be if you were looking for an educated good time! Classic cocktails are the new timeless adult beverage of choice say the trendsetters. For me the Kentucky distilleries and the history they carry are proof enough that 95 percent of America’s  only native spirit is indeed timeless. 

The shared beauty of each distillery visit was evident in the faces of everyone on the tours. I learned a great deal more than I expected and tasted a bit more!

I have my own history with bourbon stories from my granny who enjoyed Wild Turkey a little more than she really should have, as she would say! As a Bourbon Stewart, today I share stories and the history of bourbon through my Bourbon Woman Tastings. 

Hopefully the fun and excitement of our American Native Spirit will continue to delight many bourbon enthusiast through the new bourbon infused snacks, chocolates and international cuisines that are on the rise. Until then, Bourbon Up!

Live in Joy Always!

xoxo ~Sepia

Heirloom Love

Recently I shared love in the backyard vineyard of my cousin Glynn. My sister and I picked muscadine grapes from our seventy year old family grapevine. We laughed and listened as she told stories. 

With all the “new and improved” ways to live, I have found it helpful to “save” a few of the “olden day” ways. Life seems slower and gentle somehow.

My sister and I enjoyed an evening of sharing the strength of family and the delight of the sweet harvest! Do you have a family heirloom that brings you joy?

Live in Joy this week,