an americanman’s garden is his castle

Mr. Ben as he is called, is celebrated in his community and loved by many. With his many titles and busy life he still makes time for his love of gardening. A man of many talents his love of roses and beauty create his castle of a private home & gardens. This season will celebrate his 7th Annual Garden Tour. A delight for the senses and a treasure in the city!



Afternoon Tea

Today is a great day to make plans for an Afternoon Tea! Perhaps you will invite a friend or savor the moment with a love one. It’s easy and fun! Make a few tea sandwiches, slice seasonal fruit, a few pastries or cookies, brew a pot of coffee or tea, set your table and don’t forget the napkins! Will you play music or engage in conversation? Whatever you do… Enjoy!  


Chocolate Taste 

A recent visit to    

 in New Orleans served notice that chocolate is still Queen. The samples were set out on an antique silver tray with a set of tongs. This beautiful display allowed customers to take a small piece while the chocolatier answered questions. My  taste buds were thrilled!