Finishing Touches Course and Social Graces Course

Finishing Touches is an etiquette course designed for teachers, parents and personal development instructors to assist students in  developing the mentality and attitude that will encourage and assist them in learning and practicing the social skills needed to succeed in life.
Leadership and Family/Parent Partnership Coach sharing the Finishing Touches curriculum since 1987.

Every household deserves the opportunity to share new insights on manners and etiquette and my hope is that you discover and share with me! Short clips from seminars and workshops on character development, values clarification, social skills, etiquette and manners will be featured.

The course is designed with the belief that all people as social beings, are capable of learning and practicing positive social skills and behaviors.

In a world of shrinking social space and expanding social complexity with multi cultural expectations, it is imperative that people be given explicit training in the basic human relations principles and common cultural concepts such as respect for others as individuals and groups, their persons and property, their opinions, beliefs, values and practices, so that they may learn to live and interact with others in a positive and productive way.

The course Finishing Touches should help students to see themselves as they are, as unique and valued individuals, and assist them to visualize how they can change and improve themselves by learning basic social skills and changing their behaviors to be appropriate to an occasion or context.


Upon completion of the Finishing Touches course, students will have the necessary tools to help them live by a code of behavior based on kindness and consideration that will not only empower them in their everyday life, but will also help build individual self confidence and assure greater social, emotional and a academic performance.

Finishing Touches Course is four weeks: 

Customize your child’s Finishing program today!

Social Graces Course is eight weeks and self paced!

To register for a course:


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