Timeless Thankfulness 

Autumn is the time for me to adjust, rest and be thankful.  I take my cue from nature, as I watch my garden fade slowly into a rusty brown beautiful yet holding on to its essence. A cup of tea warms me as I read cards from loved ones who declare their thoughts of missing me. These precious messages warm my heart. 

Wishing I too, could be with my sisters, grandchildren and mother are gentle wish that will soon come to fruition. Until then I will be thankful for the memories that will never fade. As I take the time to saddle up the horse and engage in a moment of happiness it is a reminder to be grateful always. 

Life is full of color even when it appears faded and asleep. It’s just resting until the miracle of magic awakens our senses and then we shall see clearly again. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours! 

Live in joy!


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