6 Must Do’s For Your Legacy

If you’ve attended the ARISTOCRAT CODE Seminar or A PERSONAL AFFAIR workshop, you know my focus is on seven life areas of importance. I start with Details and finish with Life Legacy and give you tips on how to honor your family legacy.

We are living in a time where information is available at all hours and on any device known to man. Many of us have questioned our family history and realize we don’t want to bring all of our ” stuff” to the table. It is up to you to tell your story and decide how you want to share it! I encourage you to think about writing a memoir, biography or personal history on the people that mattered the most to you. You can do an oral history and record it on video or turn your written history into a pamphlet or book.

Sharing the Details in Life should include:

Honoring the story of a loved ones that had an impact on your life

• Talk about their Personality and tell what you liked about it

• If they’ve passed on Lessons and Qualities that you’ve embraced by all means share

• Be certain to answer what Actions did they take that encouraged you to be more productive

Inspiration is a must in order to ignite the flame for others that you desire to inspire. How did this person inspire you?

• Look forward and focus on Future Generations by passing down family recipes or small business plans.

This is a snippet of what I share during the seminar and workshop. Remember- Living the good life starts with the Details and ends with Your Life Legacy!

Live A Thoughtful Life! …Sepia

4 thoughts on “6 Must Do’s For Your Legacy

  1. Dear Sepia, this is such a poignant post. We have started to ask my parent (both nearly 86) more details about their backgrounds and childhoods and I now realize that I need to do the same and start writing a memoir. Thank you!

    The Arts by Karena
    Books for the Holidays!

    1. Karena that is exciting for your family! Be sure to capture video on your smart phone and add the childhood photos, letters, awards and even recipes. Have fun with your new Legacy project and happy holidays!

  2. This can be such a gift for children and grandchildren, and could be fun for us to create in the process. I love the idea of producing a tangible object like a book.

    I do think we would be wise to consider what we share in the meantime. The tendency toward indiscriminate TMI isn’t progress…

    Enjoy your holidays!

    1. You are so right on the TMI! We must curate our information and share what makes it “work” and the how to’s of life!
      Thank you for checking in. I love your IG and site content. It feels like a “friend checking in from time to time”
      Happy days to you my Love!

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