Art of the Letter

To write a letter one must decide to be on purpose and sit down to compose their thoughts. Perhaps you’ve written a note of thanks or a handwritten letter to a friend recently. As you know it takes a bit more time than a text, email or direct message! I enjoy writing and receiving letters or cards in my mailbox so I imagine my friends or loved ones do also. On this rainy day I’ve taken my box of old letters and cards to simply smell, feel and hear the voices that chose to share their hearts with me. The postage stamps on the envelope and personal stamped or written notes reveal so much of the senders soul.

 The choice of stationary and the font of lettering all take time to construct what looks like “a simple letter”. I carry my husbands letters of love in a classical CD case I found at a thrift store. Only I know the secret in the little blue box. It whispers to me in times that I need to hear his voice and feel his soul. Recently I made a special purchase of a writing instrument, a pen, just for his letters only. To compose a letter of the heart takes a little time. Are you taking a moment to scribble a special note to someone you hold dear?


 Live a Thoughtful Life! …Sepia

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