New Year- New You

I was introduced to him, Benjamin Franklin, in my elementary school library in the seventies. This one person has been most instrumental in shaping my character by sharing principles of perception or simply  Thirteen Virtues. The Aristocrat Code Seminar is based primarily on revealing qualities of this self made man. As we approach the new year I will share just a few that are beneficial to living a “life worth imitating” and enjoying. 

Ben thought it was important to approach life with a smile and a wink therefore not taking it so seriously. As a person who loved adventure he encouraged others to evaluate themselves with all honesty. For me self evaluation has been a life long tool that I use often and has helped me to improve myself in my personal and business affairs.  He believed if one were frugal they would be successful and committed to living a life of quality.  My love, respect and admiration for Benjamin Franklin over four decades and shared with my four children as part of my legacy.

While on holiday in Italy I purchased a fur cap in honor of the fashion trend Ben Franklin started when he visited France.  In 18th century France and Italian sculptor created the Nini B. Franklin, Americain medallion. My son Wellington was awarded this beauty in Philadelphia at the Italian Consulate in 2012 and presented the medallion to me. It is one of my most treasured possessions!

Benjamin Franklin suggested:

“To be extremely frugal”

“To speak truth in every instance”

“To speak ill of no man”

“To apply myself industriously”

There is so much more and I’m sure you have your own stories of my friend Ben. With the onset on 2016 perhaps you will include a few suggestions to your life practice. I send you love and best of wealth, health and peace in the new year!

Live A Thoughtful Life! …Sepia

2 thoughts on “New Year- New You

  1. Oh how lovely you are! It was so fun to follow your trip in Italy! May you enjoy a peaceful celebration of light and love and may the new year bring us all a new chance to change ourselves and the world. PEACE

  2. Dear Sepia, I love to read your posts and how you have related the history and intelligence of this amazing man to us today! Thank you for your friendship, your support and encouragement It means the world to me. I wish you and yours all the Best in 2016 and hope you are having a joyous Holiday Season!

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    The Reason for the Season!

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