How To Live Supreme 

Manners take time to learn and to develop good manners one must practice.  I am familiar with Motown and the young ladies who became the Supremes. They were trained in personal development by Lady Maxine from Detroit and the rest is history. 

She taught them to present their best self when meeting the public. Of course conversation, kindness, neatness and building confidence required practice at home, at school or any social setting. Manners became second nature to them! This post is a reminder to polish your pattern for living by being thoughtful and courteous to others. In this day of negative and insensitive remarks we must be mindful of others and their insecurities by cultivating our on inner serenity. Developing your poise starts with how you act, react and interact in unexpected situations. 

Growth takes time and how much time it takes depends on you! Refresh your Manner button and choose to shine bright and I assure you others will take note of a new and improved You!

 Photos from The Story of the Supremes by Daryl Easlea

6 thoughts on “How To Live Supreme 

  1. AMEN! First of all, I LOVE THE SUPREMES! I grew up listening to Motown and dancing in the streets with my neighbors. Living in South Central L.A. in the 60s as a kid, Motown was our rhythm and beat and the Supremes were a great example of class. This sort of polish and panache is lacking these days, and your post is a reminder of an era forever gone. I am a teacher, and honestly, my students lack a sense of how to behave in public and how to treat adults. THANK YOU for this gorgeous post sweet beauty! Anita (from Les Dames D’abord)

    1. Anita thank you for being a teacher who lives the passion and shares your love of living a beautiful life. Believe me your scholars feel it! Sadly grace, compassion and understanding is missing in today’s culture on so many levels but that is where those of us who live and model those unpopular traits step in. My Finishing Touches program was designed in 1987 for this purpose. I never imagined manners would need a revival!

  2. Hello Neighbor!

    Nice post and website you have and I am thankful for the time you took out of your schedule to welcome us to the neighborhood. I tried to locate an email address for you, but was unsuccessful. I actually have a Twitter account and not Instagram, but wanted to reach out to you like I said I would. I look forward to chatting with you more in the near future and introducing you to my wife. Be blessed and will talk with you soon.


  3. Sepia,
    What a great gift and passion you have for Manners and Etiquette! Bravo! I am grateful to my mother for sending me to charm classes when I was a little girl. I carry all that I learned back then to what I do each and every day.

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