The Elegance of Lace

Time it has been said, does not exist. Often I find myself roaming through my linen closet and my hand stops on a silk or lace textured cloth. My heart beckons me to pull it out and when I hold it in my hands I discover time in a beautiful fabric. My Granny’s worn table cloth or coffee stained napkins speak to me and tell stories of yesterday.    
Reading Linens And Lace by Tricia Foley now reminds me of the elegance in the delicate ages pieces that capture our hearts. 

  The images in this treasure of a book encourage the reader to remember the simple and beautiful in a touch of lace.

Perhaps you have a table that needs a facelift by adding a vintage tablecloth. You might be inspired to allow a family heirloom of beaded silk to grace your lampshade or window pane. 

 I am going to play dress up by adding ribbons, gloves and collars to my wardrobe this month. How about you? Are you a lover of lace like the aristocrats of days gone by? Do you have a special treasure that sparks a story of elegance and time that stands still? As a collector of beauty I challenge you to wear and share your linens and lace!

Live in Joy!  Sepia

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