How Do You Define Style?

“What is the difference between mere fashion and true style?” “Fashion says ‘Me too’, and style says ‘Only me’.”  -Geraldine Stutz

Everyone seems to be talking about style and not just during Fashion Week! I’ve never been one to adopt the trends of the day and since childhood I’ve floated between gypsy princess, classic conservative and bohemian chic. Or so I’m told. Is style all about the clothes and nothing more?  Does ones style tell a story?  

 By Annette Tapert and Diana Edkins

This is one of my favorite books that shares “the women who defined the art of living well.”  That is a clear indication to me that it is beyond the art of dressing well. 

I love my pearls and pumps but my imagination stretches into zones uncharted. 

My style can be sleek, quiet and individualistic. Or full of color and expressive.


A fun gold jumpsuit by Charles Lord puts me in a state of elegance and being unstoppable.

I’ve come to understand that style is in the details of my life. My whole, beautiful and precious life. As I live I tell my story of style and so the question is. What is style to you?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Define Style?

  1. Well good afternoon, most beautiful one! I am back to school for meetings before the real show starts on the first day of school on August 31. It’s lovely however, to be home now to visit with people like you who are so kind, communicative, and have become a part of a most memorable summer on Instagram. (thank you for the wonderful mention there… beautiful!)

    I love that quote about “Only me.” I would have to say that is what I’ve gone by, without really knowing it. Trends in fashion have not always flattered my body type. And in a way, that is a hidden blessing to have allowed me to stay true to what I really love. Whether they are in fashion or not, I tend to love dresses that have a full skirt, I love to wear pumps, I enjoy wearing boots of all lengths and as for all the accessories, I wear what enhances my complexion, the shape of my face, and body type. I love the early Audrey Hepburn and other simple lines. When I feel comfortable in my clothing, I feel even more comfortable in my skin, and vice-versa!


    1. You are so sweet! It is nice to find a community of like minded people and I never imagined instagram. I know what you mean about trends not serving your body type! I love my full skirts and long dresses. Pearls, pumps, accessories and yes books help hold me together to create my ‘Me” look and life. Thank you for loving my hair! Enjoy your weekend and see you on IG.

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