Create Your Wonderland 

 Above all, PRIVACY-…” the main purpose of a door is to admit, its secondary purpose is to exclude. ”                                 – Edith Wharton

An unwritten law of the Aristocrat is to get away from it all. We all need a soft place to land when times get tough and when everything is just right. You can create a sitting room, dressing room, boudoir or a private bedroom just for you! 

Play around with lightning: chandeliers, antique lamps, modern, gothic or candlelight. Sources today are unlimited! 

Use lush fabrics: silk, cashmere, velvet or floral upholstery make great window treatments, pillows, book covers, seat cushions and table coverings. I’ve hung a rug on my wall for warmth and texture! Anything goes as you design your personal space. 

Keep it Glamorous and Luxurious: your colors will speak to your taste. Pastels, deep reds, black, purple, antique white or butter yellow and so much more! 

Make it personal: add objects and items that you love and have meaning. I have fond memories of my mothers perfume tray so I keep a few bottles in my boudoir to ignite my senses. We all deserve to live a little lighter, sweeter and luxurious! Just think of how mysterious it will sound when you tell your friends about retreating in your private chambers! Have fun and treat it as play not a project. I’d love to know what your wonderland looks like!

2 thoughts on “Create Your Wonderland 

  1. Good morning! This is Anita for Instagram, Les Dame D’Abord….

    It’s wonderful to see you here in Blogland and I totally agree that we all need somewhere to just BE. I did this all summer long, as I am a teacher and will be going back next week to prepare for back to school. My home is my retreat, and though we went on vacation to Carme, California (our dreamland) and took small day trips here in our state, I have found that there’s really no place like home.

    My husband and I have worked on this house for 18 years to make it our own personal “Carmel-by-the-sea”, sans sea of course…but our home resembles the fairytale cottages. Gardens of lush green in both the front and back with each room being just so. But my own personal space is what I call my studio. It’s where I write and do all my creative work. It’s all white walls and light tulle drapes, white furniture, a white and gray marble fireplace all accented by aqua in the summer and gray and wood tones in the fall and winter. It’s where I can think with an empty canvas of surroundings, with no clutter.

    The sunshine plays a large role in my creative spirit as well and my studio and adjacent “parlor” are two rooms I love to invite the sun to fill my spirit with joy.. I hope your getaway lifts you to higher places too!

    Lovely to visit! Anita

    1. Oh Anita you have such a beautiful life and your descriptions! I love how you and your honey have worked on creating a retreat of your own making. No copycats for you! Fairytale cottages are one of my favorite pastimes as far as looking at images and lush green gardens take me to another place. I am learning how to reply but I have to use my computer as I upload on my iphone and haven’t quite got the hang of it all! Stay in the sunshine and play with with life because I and others need your creativy!

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