Personal development has been the primary focus of my life since 1987. I’ve had the opportunity to learn and share with many world leaders in the field of Personal Growth. A former client that I had coached over 10 years ago sent me a copy of a newsletter she received from me during our 3 month coaching contract. It included a short article on Wealth and a few stories about my relationship with Jim Rohn. I thought it would be fun to tap the archives and share information that never gets old.

Jim Rohn   Jim Rohn

Be Committed to Keeping Your Personal and Professional Life in Balance

“Having money is only one aspect of wealth. To the sick person, wealth is health. To the lonely person, wealth is someone to talk to and share with. To the estranged person, wealth is hearing words of love and forgiveness.” – Denis Waitly

To Create Wealth You Must Invest time

Time is the most important investment you can make to create unlimited wealth. Decide today in this moment to create wealth by gathering INFORMATION on creating wealth and then take steps by APPLYING what you’ve read to your lifestyle. A wonderful TRANSFORMATION begins to take place and the results are evident as you begin to create and circulate unlimited wealth!

Create a network of the right people around the idea of wealth. Remember you can find wealth minded people through books, seminars, workshops, and internet or simply join or start a local Wealth Building Group. Once you have taken the steps and achieved small goals, wealth creation becomes fun and you will want to create and share with others. When you share, the abundance is now circulating and continues to run on and on. I encourage you to get an action plan today.

Wealth Success Factors:

  • Think of each step as a baby step or short-term goal.
  • Your action plan must be detailed & use language that moves you forward.
  • Your action plan should be posted in a prominent place, to help you stay focused.
  • Each step will help you determine the best time frames & goals for the next.
  • Be flexible, your situations & goals can and will change as your life circumstances change. Be gentle on yourself & stay outcome focused

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