Who Are You Scoping?

The world went from technology to serious Social Media almost overnight. Or so it seems. Seems like yesterday I was learning Macintosh and floppy disk! But that was 1989…then came my excitement when I got America Online in 1994 and when I hired a programmer from Boeing in Seattle to design my website with a chat room in 1997 I was the “Queen of the Net!” Yet,I never imagined having a “smart” phone, YouTube channel, Instagram or Google + page! After I rewired, not retired, I found I had time to spare since my home schooled daughter was now at University. Being a community person I shared my skills with local schools, churches and communities. People asked for more info so I created a blog and well you know how it goes. Now here I am on Periscope, the newest media sensation that is sure to change the game. I’ve yet to broadcast but will soon…I can feel it! Download the Periscope app and find me so I can share goodies on living with intention, manners, stress less living and more! See in the Scope!  #periscope # Google + #manners

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