an americanman’s garden is his castle

Mr. Ben as he is called, is celebrated in his community and loved by many. With his many titles and busy life he still makes time for his love of gardening. A man of many talents his love of roses and beauty create his castle of a private home & gardens. This season will celebrate his 7th Annual Garden Tour. A delight for the senses and a treasure in the city!


Frango Chocolates 


Once a luxury only enjoyed by the wealthy, chocolate is now available to chocolate lovers worldwide. The Chocolate Aristocrat first experienced hand dipped chocolates made by loved ones in New Bern North Carolina. The taste was explosive and the sensation created a love of all things chocolate. As the proprietor of a small Tea, Chocolate and Collectible Boutique in Seattle Washington the Chocolate Aristocrat was allowed to carry the hexagonal box associated with the famous Frangos once Frederick & Nelson closed its doors. Today the Aristocrat continues the legacy started in 1918 and offers the best Chocolates, Teas and Finishing Touches Program available worldwide.