O. Henry Hotel Afternoon

A lovely afternoon was well spent in Greensboro with my beautiful daughter this weekend. Afternoon Tea is always a delight when you choose to share it with those you love!

Wisdom and her teacup
A gift of vintage lace gloves and a pale pink rose from my Aunt Carol in Seattle. I treasure these family heirlooms!

2 thoughts on “O. Henry Hotel Afternoon

  1. Sepia,
    I read and enjoy your post often. I will never forget when we were preparing
    to move in on Cherry Grove, you were our first visitor. I never told you how much I appreciated it. That was a bitter sweet time for me because I had lost my precious mom shortly before moving. That was a very hard time for me, but your kindness has never been forgotten. I hope you are doing well during this season of loss for you, and this period if uncertainty with the Coronavirus. Stay safe and I look forward to reading more of your post.
    Your Neighbor,

    1. Thank you Chris for your kind words and beautiful heart during my time of mourning. I appreciate you taking the time to bring a bit of comfort. I am healing and moving in the moment 💕 Stay safe as the world continues to turn. We must have tea together once the air is clear!

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