Welcome Your Guest

When I receive a guest in my home I always seek to make it as comfortable as possible. The opportunity to share my space with a friend or loved one is something I look forward to! Here I share a snippet of what I offer.

A short welcome note that explains a bit about our home and neighborhood and of course a selection of tea and coffee.

Always aware of dietary concerns, I try to provide seasonal fruit or favorite snacks.

Like the iconic Prince Matchabelli, I keep it simple, timeless and classic. Thereby allowing my guest the privilage of being served with grace and honor. What special Guest  secrets do you have or enjoy? 

Live Joyful and Light!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Your Guest

  1. Sepia,
    Well now, I do enjoy sharing my gift of hospitality. However, I think I can take my skills to another level based on what I read here. The welcome note with what’s available to guest. love it!! Thank you!

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