Dinner Is Served 

Your table manners reveal so quickly your background and practice so it is essential to learn to eat graciously and with confidence. There are certain standards for table coverings which include tablecloths, place mats, and more. An individual setting or cover, includes the dinnerware, silverware and glassware to be used by each person. Table manners are subject to the background of your host or hostess and should be respected always. 

Good table manners include:

How to set a table correctly;

How and when to use a knife, a fork, a spoon, chopsticks or your fingers; 

What the meal consist of and how the food may be served; 

What the difference is between private dining and public dining;

When and how to use a napkin and where to place it.

Practice at home when eating sticky and slippery foods, nuts, fresh fruits and firm cheeses. The next time you are a guest in someone’s home you can dine with confidence and enjoy the evening!

One thought on “Dinner Is Served 

  1. Good morning my dear! I have to say that I’m a bit rusty on how to properly set a table! I did learn tips however, on how to behave at table while I was in France! To be on the safe side, when I dine in someone’s home here, I remember what I learned in France. No elbows on the table, eat slowly, listen, engage in conversation!

    Enjoy a beautiful day!

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