It is not often in my day to day activities I see someone who grabs my attention and causes me to stop in mid sentence. While thrifting with a focus on purchasing a suit I saw on the thrift shops Facebook I became aware of a beautiful woman who entered the door. Was it her smile, graceful walk, or her focus on where she was going?


I soon discovered she had placed the suit on hold that I came to purchase! We laughed and I ask her if I could take her picture and share it on my website. Anita is her name and she was kind and agreed after an exchange of information. The sense of giving your all but holding back just a little something is enchanting to me. I felt an air of charm while in her presence or perhaps it was the eyes? As Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who was advised by Diana Vreeland said ” If you produce one book, you will have done something wonderful in your life.” I believe Lady Anita is proof that books are alive and well!

4 thoughts on “ALLURE

  1. Good morning beautiful one! It was timely that I read this post. I am a teacher, and in my thirteen year. I believe what you are sharing is very necessary for me today, because there is a measure of elegance and grace that I believe is necessary, especially with a specific group of kids I’m teaching at the moment. Charm, grace, self-respect and kindness win every time. Thank you!

    1. Hello Anita! You are absolutely correct in realizing that elegance and grace is necessary in teaching. Kindness does go far and your scholars are lucky to have you as the one who teaches them to be gentle on themselves and practice charm and grace in their day to day activities. Keep spreading Beauty!

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