Our Wonderful World

Many are shuttered in their homes and feeling lonely or a bit blue during this quarantine time. Through discipline and prayer I have embraced the moment and find myself out of doors more than usual. I’ve rediscovered our wonderful world by harvesting my garden, riding my bicycle, visiting a friend’s horses and walking daily!

My granddaughter and I love exploring Saltwater State park.
Early morning walks require a resting spot!

It’s a good time to discover and create new opportunities to fill your life as you live it with wonder! You are in my most heartfelt and deepest thoughts this season. Be Well and Be Kind 💕

Cherish The Love

Life is beautiful. In this moment I am reflecting on times shared with my late husband Benjamin who would have celebrated 71 years today. It is a moment of joy and pain yet celebration and delight! A reminder to Cherish the Love ❤️ you share and know that it continues to circulate.

AFRO BALL in Nashville

Established in Seattle 1974 by my mother, the Afro Ball has been the grand prize of the year for me.

AFRO BALL in our private garden
Princess Ericka
AFRO BALL attendees enjoying the view and conversation in the Lions Court
We will continue the theme to “ Celebrate yourself and Tell your stories “ for many years to come. In the current climate in the world it is imperative that we continue to have courageous conversations and loads of fun! 💕

Shadows of Love

Here in the garden I am busy preparing the grounds, cleaning the garden furniture and simply allowing life to flow. My husband and my daughter passed away within 4 weeks of one another. It has been challenging at times but I keep moving forward. Ben would scrub down the furniture, press the linen and take pictures of me in the garden. He loved watching me prepare Afternoon Tea, pruning our plants and listening to me read. I miss him💕 Our daughter Suzi choose and designed our home and loved feeding the birds. I miss her laugh and silly ways. I embrace the shadows of Love and I hope you are okay with my sharing. Thank you for understanding and please be safe during these uncertain times. Keep moving in Love and Kindness…I hold each of you dear in my heart 💕🙏