Winter Warmth

The cold has settle in and now would be a good time to enjoy a cup of hot tea!

Add a little winter warmth as you read, listen to music or simply sit silent…you’ll be glad you did!

Afternoon Tea Classes available Friday and Saturday by reservation.

Social Graces Course

Our Social Graces Course is offered in our Private Georgian Tearoom on Saturday.

This 4-Week Course offers:

• One-to-One Instruction

• First Impressions and Introductions

• Prepare for Conversation

• Sitting, standing and walking with Elegance

• Body Language, Mannerisms and Facial Expression awareness

• Poise and Posture ( Deportment )

• Appearance ( Image )

• Codes of Dress

• Cultural Sensitivity

• Social Media Presence

• Creating win-win situations

Class registration begins in January. Please email for more info.